LEED Certified Buildings
LEED Certified Buildings
Solar Electric
Solar Electric
Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating
Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating
Food & Water
Food & Water
Recycling / Efficiency
Recycling / Efficiency
Solar Electric
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Watts of energy generated right now

1.650 MW total output through
10 acre solar farm and rooftop
solar arrays on Science Center
and Haas Athletic Center

Enough energy to power 450 homes.
Equivalent to planting 60,000 trees
or taking 500 cars off the road.

Solar Hot Water/Pool
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btus being generated right now

1200 sq. ft. solar
collectors; Haas Athletic
Center building

Solar hot water & pool heating greatly
reduces the amount of natural gas used

LEED Certified Bldgs

Mars Center and Chase
Dining are LEED certified
for energy efficiency and
eco-friendly features

Chase Dining Hall renovation, recycled 95% of all
construction debris. Energy use is now 18% less.

Food & Water

Sustainable food & water
management efforts
increase local farm
involvement and
reduces food waste

100% committed to sustainable food sourcing.
Comprehensive waste tracking system.


In fiscal year 2017, recycled
13 tons of metal, 131 tons
of concrete, 36 tons of wood,
and 80 tons commingled.

Saving 25 barrels of oil, 209 trees, 85,948
gallons of water, 49,000 kW of energy, 3k lbs of CO2